Hillman’s Utility Trailer Build

Who actually gets off-road with a trailer?! That’s crazy! Or is it?

My buddy Bill gets off-road daily. His life revolves around being out in God’s country. His lifestyle demands that his equipment is on hand, so his vehicles and trailers are equipped for just that. One of his latest builds is a small 6’x10′ utility pipe trailer manufactured by Texas Bragg. We removed the leaf spring suspension axle and replaced it with an Axle-less Trailer Suspension Kit by Timbren Industries. This will give adequate ground clearance for him to haul his Kawasaki Mule right up to where he needs to get to. We extended the tongue length, added a secure generator mount platform using #LowProLockDown, stackable fuel and water cans, a custom fab rack to carry a bird box for dog training, oversized radial all-terrain Toyo Open Country tires, puddle lights for safe night operating around the trailer, and side storage mounts for #RotoPax stackable fuel and water cans. This rugged little trailer is ready to follow off-road without any hang-ups!